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What Witches Do

What kind of things do witches do that uniquely "define" them as witches?

1. Celebration (in some fashion) of the Sabbats.   There are eight of them, regularly spaced throughout the year, about 46 days apart.

2. The annual Pagan Spirit Gathering.   There are Pagan get-togethers at various locations throughout the year, but this one, sponsored by Circle Sanctuary and held at a campground, is (I am told) the biggest and best. Everybody should make the trip at least once in his lifetime.

And if you're in Texas, check out Witchstock.

3. Walking the Labyrinth.   It can be laid out with candles, earthwork, or any other markers. It isn't a maze or a cave; it's an ancient meditation tool that forces you to walk on a winding path that turns back on itself, until you reach the center.   There's even a company that will build a labyrinth for you.

4. Spellwork and Ritual.   This can be something as simple as lighting a candle, sitting cross-legged on the floor, clasping a moonstone in your hand, and meditating on the Deities. Or it can involve ritual tools, bowls of salt, Goddess images, special robes, an altar, and waiting for the right moon phase. Never look down on "simple" ritual; the more "accessible" it is, the more often you'll do it.

5. Special Jewelry.   Okay, sometimes we wear our pentagrams UNDER our shirts, but most of us do like to wear some special piece of jewelry that makes us feel connected to our Deities.

One writer even suggests that if you wear your pentagram outside your clothing where people can see it, it might absorb their negative energy, but if you wear it inside your shirt, it will be next to your heart, where it will absorb your positive energy.

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