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    Pendragon's Basic Credo

1.   I believe that guilt, shame, and self-denial are not virtues.

2.   I believe that there is power for goodness within me.

3.   I believe that I should decide for myself what is morally right and morally wrong, and not simply go by what I've been told.

4.   I admit that I don't have all the answers.

5.   I acknowledge that I could be wrong ... about anything, or about everything.   My margin of error is always "plus or minus 100%."

6.   I will avoid being critical and judgmental of others and of myself.

7.   I will accept criticism from others.   Criticism is nothing more than information.

8.   I will seek out others who believe as I do and try to learn from them.   If I can't learn from them, I will teach them.

9.   I will do my best to maintain my sense of humor at all times.

10.   Failure is always an option.

It's satisfying to have "answers," but this can quench the urge for independent thought. I am determined to accept, and even embrace, (1) my ignorance and (2) the intrinsic ambiguity (duality?) of everything.   It stimulates my quest for deeper knowledge. Every assumption should be re-examined from time to time, just like when you go to your doctor for your annual checkup.

Rules to Live By

1.   Do not lie to others nor to yourself.   Speak the truth always, except when speaking the truth would lead to great harm.

2.   Do not gossip or speak evil of others.

3.   Watch.   Listen.   Withhold judgment as long as you can.

4.   In debate let your silences be long, your thoughts clear, and your words carefully chosen.

5.   Keep clean your body, your clothes, and your house.

6.   If you take a task upon yourself, work hard and well to accomplish it properly and in good time.

7.   If you say you're going to do something, do it.   In real life there are no excuses.   Be a dependable person.

8.   Deal fairly and honestly in all your transactions with others.

9.   Pacta sunt servanda.   Honor the letter and spirit of any contract you make, even where doing so will cause loss to you.

10.   In matters of sexual fidelity, honor your own commitments as well as the commitments of others.   Do not couple with someone if doing so breaks a vow.

11.   Be humble, and do not seek advancement.   Those around you will lift you up when the time is right; you need not promote yourself.

12.   Avoid judging the paths of others, but do not hesitate to call evil evil.

13.   Do not steal.

14.   Offer friendship and hospitality to strangers who visit among you, while carefully guarding the safety of yourself and your family.

15.   Raise your children with kindness.   Give them love.   Teach them strength and wisdom.   Protect them from harm.

16.   Keep your mind open to knowledge.

17.   Do not let a bitter experience turn you into a bitter person.

18.   Do not share mysteries with fools.

19.   Do not haggle over the price of a ritual tool.

20.   Do not charge money for magickal work.   Money may be charged for divination.

21.   Do not reveal the identity of another witch to the public.

22.   Never do anything to disgrace the Goddess or the Craft.

23.   Respect the Earth.   She is your Mother.

24.   Never use your magickal skills for show, pride, vainglory, revenge, or attacks.

25.   Remember that thoughts are things.   What you create in thought may manifest itself.

26.   Defend the weak when they are attacked by the strong.

27.   As long as you are true to yourself and are acting in accordance with your positive path, do not worry what others think of you.


      A.   Never do a card trick for somebody with whom you play poker.

      B.   Never sit down in a barber chair and say, "Surprise me."

      C.   There are no absolute truths.   The word reality is always plural.

      D.   There's a thin line between "interesting sex life" and "perversion."

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