An Anthropological Note

Bewitched There were two new television shows that debuted about the same time in the mid-1960's: "Bewitched" and "I Dream of Jeannie."   They were truly "signs of their time."

Think about what these shows had in common:

      1.   A beautiful woman had special powers.

      2.   The woman didn't know how to handle her powers the right way ... she kept screwing things up.

      3.   There was a MAN who wanted her not to use her powers.   She had to "sneak around" behind the man's back when she did use her powers.

      4.   The beautiful woman wanted, above all, to please her man.

It has been pointed out that this is a metaphor for the Women's Movement, which was, at that exact point in history, first becoming an observable phenomenon.   Or, to put it another way, these TV shows were metaphors for how MEN saw the Women's Movement, i.e.,

      1.   Women are basically silly little girls, no matter how much power they have.

      2.   A woman's main concern is how to please the man in her life (of course! It goes without saying).

      3.   No matter how much power a woman has, she still needs a man to make the rules on how she can use it.

The first actor who played Samantha's husband in the "Bewitched" TV series was Dick York.   He was later replaced by Dick Sargent.   As one commentator noted, it's obvious that Samantha just wanted a different Dick.

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