What Your Mind is Capable Of

"If each human brain had only one synapse   -   corresponding to a monumental stupidity   -   we would be capable of only two mental states.   If we had two synapses, then 22 = 4 states; three synapses, then 23 = 8 states, and, in general, for N synapses, 2N states.   But the human brain is characterized by some 1023 synapses.   Thus the number of different states of a human brain is 2 raised to this power   -   i.e., multiplied by itself a hundred billion trillion times.   This is an unimaginably large number, far greater, for example, than the total number of elementary particles (electrons and protons) in the entire universe, which is much less than 2 raised to the power of 103.   It is because of this immense number of functionally different configurations of the human brain that no two humans, even identical twins raised together, can ever be really very much alike.   These enormous numbers may also explain something of the unpredictability of human behavior and those moments when we surprise even ourselves by what we do.   Indeed, in the face of these numbers, the wonder is that there are any regularities at all in human behavior.   The answer must be that all possible brain states are by no means occupied; there must be an enormous number of mental configurations that have never been entered or even glimpsed by any human being in the history of mankind.   From this perspective, each human being is truly rare and different and the sanctity of individual human lives is a plausible ethical consequence.

"In recent years it has become clear that there are electrical microcircuits in the brain.   In these microcircuits the constituent neurons are capable of a much wider range of responses than the simple 'yes' or 'no' of the switching elements in electronic computers ... Microcircuits make the number of possible brain states even greater than we calculated in the previous paragraph, and so enhance still farther the astonishing uniqueness of the individual human brain."

    From Broca's Brain by Carl Sagan (Random House, New York 1977), pp. 42-43.

This is why no two of us have exactly the same experience when we make contact with the Goddess.   This is why no two of us feel exactly the same way about her.   This is why some of us find her when we're 12 years old, and others of us find her when we're 43 years old.

And this is why I believe that there are experiences that we can have with the Goddess that no person on earth has ever had before.

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