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the Celtic Cross
(Tarot card spread)

Card #1: The Significator.

    This card represents the Querent himself.

    Traditionally, this card is not pulled at random   —   it is chosen specifically to represent the Querent.   The reading is actually being done with the remaining 77 cards.

One of the most common Significator cards chosen is the Magician.   One tarot deck even includes an extra Magician card so that the reading can be done with a full 78-card deck.

    And this would mean that the Magician could be "crossed" (see #2 below) by the Magician.   That should be pretty easy to interpret!

Card #2: This "Crosses" You.  
        (the Burden)

    "This is the cross that you bear."

    This card is laid across card #1.   Sometimes it's called the "cover card."

    This is what "crosses" or opposes the Querent: immediate obstacles, problems, and challenges.   If it's a "positive" card (the Star, for instance), it shows what supports the Querent, and indicates that there are no immediate obstacles.

Card #3: This is Below You.  
        (the Seed or Root)

    The Querent's own subconscious/undercurrents.   It may show what his question really is (his unconscious motivations), or it may show what really caused the Querent to ask the question in the first place.   This may show something that the Querent would rather not talk about.   Think of it as "something that has already become part of his experience."

    It may be an unknown factor ("what lies beneath the surface"), i.e., the foundation, or "deeper meaning" of the Querent's situation.

Card #4: This is Behind You.  
        (the Shadow)

    Recent past experience; immediate background.   It could be (1) unlearned lessons or (2) unresolved situations.   It is something that is now leaving the Querent's life or fading into the past, something that will soon be gone   —   a receding influence.   The message may be:

    1.   You need to pay attention to this before it's gone, or

    2.   Let this go; release it.   Do something to make it stop following you around.

Card #5: This is Above You.
        (the Crown)

    The Querent's conscious mind.   Are there any conflicts between this card and #3?   How similar is this card to the message of card #3?

Card #6: This Lies Ahead of You.
        (the Corner)

    This is the approaching influence, or the direction in which the Querent is headed (the near future).   It shows what will happen soon if he continues on his present course.   It is not the final outcome.

Card #7: This Lies Beneath the Mask.
        (the Inner World)

    a.   The Querent's fears (perhaps his fears about the question he asked) or

    b.   His true feelings (unacknowledged, perhaps even to himself).   Love?   Hate?   Jealousy?

Card #8: This is Your House.
        (the Outer World)

    The things that influence the Querent:

        a.   his friends, family, coworkers, and/or

        b.   non-human environmental influences.

Card #9: This is the Overlooked Factor.
    (the Surprise Element)

    This is an element in the Querent's life that he is already aware of, but he doesn't realize the full significance of it.

    If this is a "negative" card, it may show "the flaw in the plan."

Card #10: This is the Final Outcome.

    This is what naturally flows from all the previous influences unless the Querent makes some changes.   It is different from #6 because #6 shows only the general direction in which the Querent is headed.   This card should be interpreted in connection with card #6.

    This is a "prediction of the future," but it is not inevitable; if the Querent chooses to change any aspect of what has just been revealed, his future may also change.

It's as if the cards are telling a story:

    "Once upon a time, something had happened (card #4, recent past) to a person (card #1, the Significator card).   His immediate problem was (card #2, "This crosses you").   What he should have realized was (card #3, unconscious knowledge), but he believed (card #5, the conscious mind).   Then, unexpectedly, he encountered (card #6, approaching influence).   What people didn't know about him was that deep inside, (card #7, his true feelings).   He was surrounded by (card #8, environment).   The one thing he hadn't counted on was (card #9, the unknown factor).   If nothing changed, it seemed certain that (card #10, the final outcome)."