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Let's assume for a minute that our spells actually work.   In other words, if you do the spell correctly (whatever THAT means   -   saying the right words? having the proper attitude? picking the right phase of the moon?), you get what you ask for.

Are there certain spells, or certain types of spells, that you shouldn't cast?

We all know the Wiccan Rede: "An it harm none, do as thou wilt."   You would never do a spell that would harm someone; you would never cast a spell for purposes of revenge.   Revenge is taken care of by the Rule of Three (whatever you do, good or bad, comes back to you times three) ... you might say that when a person does something cruel or hurtful, he "casts a revenge spell" on himself.

If a woman's husband dies and she becomes depressed and doesn't want to live anymore, should you cast a spell to do away with her depression?   That is, to make her want to live ... against her own will? But what about love spells?   I am of the opinion that they are just plain wrong.   Think about it this way: Suppose that someone you know decides he's in love with you.   You have no interest in him; he's loud, rude, dull, abusive, and egotistical.   But he casts a spell that causes you to fall in love with him, against your will.   How would you like for that to happen to YOU?

Or suppose that you have a friend who is a beautiful young girl, age 25, ambitious and intelligent, who happens to live with a man who doesn't deserve her.   He treats her like dirt, and for some reason she puts up with it.   She could have any man she wanted; she's gorgeous.   She complains to you about the guy (not asking you for advice, just getting it off her chest ... the way people sometimes do).   You tell her that she ought to leave him, but she says she's too much in love.   Question: Should you cast some sort of spell to "fix" her life?   To make her fall out of love with him?   To get the jerk out of her life somehow?   Remember, she didn't ask for your help; if she wanted him out of her life, she could take care of that on her own.   Should you cast a spell for her ... "for her own good?"

What about a "binding spell?"   Suppose I sell my boat; the purchaser agrees to pay me $100.00 a month for twelve months.   He takes the boat, makes a few payments, and then stops.   Would it be proper for me to cast a binding spell that would make it impossible for him to use the boat?   Something that would make the outboard motor quit until he paid me?

Another example: Silver RavenWolf says that if a job position becomes vacant, and you want the job, it's okay to do magick to help you get the job (that is, you're trying to beat out the other candidates).   She says that it is NOT appropriate to do magick to CREATE a job opening, that is, a spell to get someone fired so that you can have his job!

There's another rather interesting question: What if you DID cast a harmful spell?   What if you asked the Goddess to cripple someone that you hate?   Would she do it?   If not, are there OTHER forces out there   —   dark forces   —   that you could appeal to?

To put it another way, what is it that you're connecting with when you cast a spell?   Is it some mindless force that does whatever you tell it to (assuming that you do your spellwork properly)?   Or does it have a personality   —   that is, does it consider your requests (made in the form of your spell casting) and decide to say "yes" or "no?"   Is spellcraft simply another form of prayer?   And if it is, why can't we just say, "Hey, Goddess, I need some help!" and skip the altars and the candles?

I'm asking these questions because I don't know the answers. What do YOU think?

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