For Wiccans, the path of morality, of right action, lies in balance.   Rather than conceiving of morality as a simple linear scale from good (at one end) to evil (at the other end), we should imagine a circle where the two ends of the scale meet, since unbounded creation ultimately results in destruction, whether that be in the form of cancer, or the endless growth ethic of industrial society.

If the terms "good" and "evil" are relevant to Wiccans at all, then good lies in the balance of life and death, and evil is that which neglects or breaks that balance.   Wanton destruction is evil, but so is the obsessive focus on growth and gain and increase that we see so much of in today's society.   Morality, and sanity, lie in the acceptance of both the limiting influence of the death-force and the burgeoning fertility of the life-force, both the binding and controlling force of order and the freeing, transgressive force of chaos.

Does this leave us with an absolute, incontrovertible, moral standard, an easy set of rules by which to judge the morality of any given action?   No, it doesn't.   But perhaps those seeking absolutes and easy answers should not be practicing witchcraft in the first place.   For our path does not lie in the harsh light of day or the impenetrable blackness of night, but in the shadowy twilight between.   We live between the worlds, walking a winding path through an ever-changing landscape, and it is there that we must find our answers   —   not in a set of artificial absolutes or false certainties that ultimately have no relationship to our lives or our Gods.

    ... from The Paradox of Evil in Wiccan Theology by Lynna Landstreet.

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