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        Frequently-Asked Questions about Wicca and Witchcraft

Can witchcraft be used to raise the dead? No.
Do witches sacrifice babies or animals? No, never.   Witchcraft doesn't cause harm, and never uses blood in rituals.
Is there a worldwide Satanic network that breeds babies for ritual sacrifice? No.   This is complete bullshit.   These sick, twisted stories are part of the "Satanic Panic" that dates back to the 1980's.   People love to make up scary stories, especially about things they don't understand (or things they hate).
Is Wicca a cult? No.   A cult engages in mind control and has a strong central leader.
What god or gods do the Wiccans worship? Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, and Inanna. And Cernunnos and Herne the Hunter.   Lots of others too.

But we don't "worship" them in the same sense that others worship their gods.   We don't fall down on our faces and confess how unworthy we are.
Do witches fly on brooms? No.   Just for fun, try this: get a strong wooden pole and prop it up between two sawhorses.   Then straddle it, and lift your feet off the ground.   Not very comfortable, is it?

Especially if you own a pair of testicles, as do I.
Do Wiccans try to convert people to their religion? No.   Wiccans don't proselytize.   In fact, this would make a good skit for Saturday Night Live ("Good morning, we're Wiccans. Can we have a few minutes of your time to tell you about the Goddess?")
Does one have to renounce another religion, or desecrate another religion's symbols, to become Wiccan? No.   Wiccans want to co-exist.   Wiccans believe that there are many paths to the summit.
Are male witches called "warlocks?" No.   "Warlock" comes from an old Scottish word (waerloga) which means "oath-breaker."   It's an insult.   Real Wiccans don't use the word "warlock."
Do witches believe in God (the God of the Bible)? Some do and some don't.   Those who do have to figure out how to deal with all those anti-witch passages in the Bible.
Does Wicca have ancient roots/origins? Yes and no.   Modern Wicca dates back to the 1950's.   However, its core principles and concepts go back thousands of years, back to the beginning of mankind.
Do Wiccans worship Satan? No.   Wiccans don't believe in Satan.   Satan is a Christian/Jewish/Moslem concept.
Are there Wiccan spells that place curses on people? The core principle of Wicca is "Do no harm."   A "harmful spell" or a "curse" is not Wiccan.   The idea of "curses" and "counter-curses" comes from Harry Potter.

The closest thing to a "curse" would be a binding spell.
What's the difference between black magick and white magick? "Black magick" seeks to cause harm, or appeals to "dark forces" to be effective.   Wiccans don't differentiate between black magick and white magick, because we don't use magick for harmful purposes.
Is witchcraft real?   Do the spells actually work? Yes.   Sometimes.

Your next question is: Why don't my spells work ... sometimes?   I don't know.   But I do know this: For all our posturing and debating about doctrine and ritual, the real test is whether or not a spell works.
Do Wiccans cast love spells on people? No, and here's why.
Is there a spell that changes someone into an animal? No.
Do Wiccans have a ritual that involves sexual intercourse? I've heard of something called the Great Rite   -   which involves a couple having actual sexual intercourse in the Circle during a sabbat.   I have never seen it practiced nor do I know of any coven or group that has ever practiced it.

In some covens, when they dip the athame into the grail as part of casting the Circle, it is referred to as "the Great Rite." It symbolizes the union of the Goddess and the God.
Can one be both a Wiccan and a Christian? No.

The problem isn't with Wicca; the problem is with the God of the Bible, who presides over Christianity and doesn't play well with others.
Do witches have special powers? The "power" comes from outside, we believe, not from the practitioner himself.   Or, in the alternative, some Wiccans believe that everyone has power within himself.
What is "pagan standard time?" Thirty minutes late.   "Pagan standard time" is used at pagan festivals and sabbat celebrations.   Just accept it.   Things don't start on time.
The exception is where the announcement for the event says, "The ritual begins promptly at 8:00 pm, and no one will be admitted late."   If it says this, you should take the start time seriously.
What is the threefold law? It says that whatever you do (good or bad) comes back to you, times three.   It applies whether you give $100 to charity or steal $100 from your grandmother's purse.
Do Wiccans do their rituals naked? Some do; it's called being "skyclad."   Most covens keep their clothes on, though.

Some Pagan festivals are clothing-optional.   My experience has been that at the clothing-optional events, 95% of all the participants will remain fully clothed at all times, even when the weather is nice and warm.
What holidays do Wiccans celebrate? There are eight Pagan sabbats.   The most important ones are Samhain (October 31) and Beltaine (April 30).
Do you have to join a coven to become a witch? No.   Involvement with a coven or group has its rewards, but can also have some drawbacks.   Covens aren't for everybody.

I was once involved in a coven where the High Priest was a narcissistic paranoid jealous overbearing fascist. He made it very clear that he didn't want any input or suggestions from anybody. He loved being in a position of power. Unfortunately, you are as likely to find such a person in a Wiccan coven as you are to find one in a local Baptist church.
What is the difference between Wicca and Witchcraft? Wicca is a set of beliefs.   Witchcraft is attempting to make something happen using magick.   It's the same as the difference between "Christianity" and "prayer."   It has been said that Witchcraft is nothing more than prayers that use natural objects to increase their force.
What do you think about the "witches" who charge money online to cast spells for people? They are 100% fake.   Absolutely, positively, 100% fake.   No exceptions.   Every single one of those worthless scumbags is a charlatan, and the Goddess is going to rule-of-three his worthless ass.
It is acceptable to charge money for a tarot reading or other divination (Silver Ravenwolf says that you should charge what someone would pay for a good haircut ... maybe $40.00?).
Is witchcraft a religion? No.   Wicca is a religion (now recognized by the United States military).   Witchcraft is a practice.
Do tarot cards really work? Yes, if they're interpreted properly.   I have done a few (accurate) readings for others.   I once did a reading for myself, and learned a hard lesson: Don't do readings for yourself (somebody was sent to jail. It's a long story).
What do witches believe about the afterlife? Most witches believe that after you die, you spend some time in Summerland (aka Elphame), and then you are born again ... that is, you reincarnate.
Does the Masonic Lodge practice sorcery? No.   But if you read Masonic ritual books, you'll find that some of the standard/Gardnerian wording comes directly from Masonic stuff (including the expression "so mote it be").
How do I become a witch? Read; study; start spending more time outdoors.   You'll know when you're ready to do your initiation.
Do Wiccans have orgies? Not here in Texas.   If they do, they've never invited ME.
If I wanted to read a "standard text" on Wicca/Witchcraft, one that's accepted by most mainstream witches, which one should I read?

Solitary Witch: the Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation by Silver RavenWolf.   She is somewhat controversial, but I believe that's simply because she's so high-profile; people love to take pot-shots at anyone who's famous.

I think her work is rock-solid.   I agree with her 98%.

My recommended reading list is found HERE.

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