Fluffy Bunny Witches

As I cruise through the internet, I come across Pagan websites that sneer at "fluffy bunny" witches, i.e., teenagers or newcomers whose enthusiasm exceeds their knowledge of witchcraft.   I see nasty little comments such as, "He read one book and now he thinks he's a witch!"   Or "She bought the Teen Witch Kit last week, and now she wears a 3-inch pentagram around her neck!"

Folks, let's stop this nonsense.

A 14-year-old girl who's mad at her parents has just as much right to seek the Goddess as I do.   Are her motives "wrong?"   So what?

Does she think she has to dress funny to be a witch?   What if she does?

Nobody "owns" Witchcraft.

It is open and accessible to everyone, young and old.   And yes, some people will do things that are a little bit silly when they take their first few faltering steps toward The Other Side.   Let's act right.   Let's not take a condescending attitude toward them.   If you're an "adult" witch, then tolerate the "children."   Go easy on them.   Stop sneering.   Enough said.

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