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            I Wear the Pentagram

The wind blows cold tonight.
The moon is full.
I can feel the Lord and Lady
Bending close to the earth to hear my prayer.
I clasp the sacred stone between my hands
As I seek their wisdom ...
I wear the pentagram. Pentagram

A friend wrongs me.
A lover betrays me.
My anger burns hot
As I plan my revenge.
And then I remember that it will all come back to me
Times three.
I sigh, and pause to seek the Goddess within.
I am not like other men ...
I wear the pentagram. Pentagram

Sunset on Samhain:
I feel the presence of the Ancient Ones.
I join hands with my brothers and sisters around the fire
And feel a fire within me as well.
The drums beat in time with my heart.
Long ago, I know, they held hands just like this
On the plain of Salisbury,
Encircled by towering trilithons,
And called their gods by different names.
Tonight I am one with them ...
I wear the pentagram. Pentagram