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Pentagram Initiation Ritual

Most witches are "solitaries."   They don't attend any meetings of any kind.   They may be "spiritually connected" to witches all over the world, but they never meet them face-to-face.

Traditionally, a witch studies for a year and a day before he initiates himself.   I did.   What follows is the initiation ritual I wrote for myself, and carried out back in May 2000.   It borrows heavily from material I read in To Ride a Silver Broomstick by Silver Ravenwolf.

Think of it this way: you study for 366 days to get to know about the Goddess; you initiate yourself (which is usually your first circle) to get to know the Goddess herself.   As a Buddhist once said, "It is better to see the face than to hear the name."

See the format for Basic Ritual.   In addition to the supplies/tools listed, you'll also need a leather cord about 24" long (I bought a pair of shoelaces made for hiking boots).   And you'll need to choose a magickal name for yourself.   When you get to the part of the Basic Ritual that is the Statement of Purpose, you say:

"I have cast this circle this day to perform the act of dedication of my mind, my body, my heart, and my spirit to the Lady and her Consort, and to the religion and science of Witchcraft.

"From this day forward, I will honor and respect the Divine, and I will honor and respect myself.   I will hold two perfect words in my heart: perfect love and perfect trust.   I vow to honor the path I have chosen."

[Touch your wand to your feet]

"O Goddess, let my feet always walk the path of the eternal and divine light."

[Touch the wand to your lips]

"O Goddess, let my lips utter only the truth.   Let me speak only wisdom."

[Touch the wand to your eyes]

"O Goddess, may I always see the truth of the Divine."

[Touch the wand to your heart]

"I vow to hold the ideology of The Craft in my heart and in my mind for the totality of this lifetime, and beyond.   May the warmth of my love spread throughout the universe."

[Wind the leather cord around your right hand]

"I, [legal name], here and now, in the presence of the Goddess, do swear that I will ever abide by the religion and science of The Craft.   I vow that I will never harm anyone with the secrets that I learn, and I will never flaunt my beliefs or powers.   On this day I am reborn as (your magickal name) and from this day forward I shall honor and cherish this oath.

      1.       "I undertake this path of my own free will, and for the good of myself and of mankind.

      2.       "I will follow the Wiccan law:   'Do as thou wilt, but harm none.'

      3.       "I will not seek power over others.   I desire only to increase my own knowledge and happiness through my chosen path.

      4.       "I will cast no spell against another's wishes or against his best interest.

      5.       "I embrace the law of the Threefold Return:   What I send forth into the universe, through my actions, be it good or evil, may it return to me three times.

      6.       "I will keep the identity of my fellow Witches secret, and will help protect them from harm.

      7.       "If I someday join a coven, I will follow my coven's rulings and laws to the best of my ability.

      8.       "I will gain a true and deep understanding of the Craft.

      9.       "I will respect all life as sacred and treat the earth and its inhabitants with love and care.

              "I thank the Goddess for this path."

[Unwind the cord]

Then finish out the ritual as shown in the Basic Ritual.

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