A Tarot Exercise

Want to memorize the meanings of the 78 tarot cards?   Try this: Keep a Tarot deck handy (out on your dresser).   Each morning as you leave for work, give the deck a quick shuffle and pull one card.   You're not doing a reading; you're just pulling a card to keep in mind as you go through the day.

If you need to, look up the meaning of the card.

My card today was the Ten of Swords.   I certainly hope it's not a prediction of my future.   But all through the day today, I'll be watching for something or somebody that's related to the meaning of the Ten of Swords.   Will I suffer the fate of the poor guy depicted on the card?   Will somebody I meet be in that situation (face down, with swords sticking out of his body)?

It's a good way to drill into your brain the meanings of the cards.   And after a month, do the same thing each morning, but pull out two cards.

Here's another idea for a Tarot exercise: Imagine a situation such as a bank robbery; the breaking off of an engagement; losing something that's valuable.   Then try to think up a two-card Tarot spread that would be a prediction of that event.

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