A Meditation

Imagine you're in outer space, billions of miles from anything else. You're surrounded by stars, tiny dots of dim light, all around you, but they're far, far away. There are faint stars above you, below you, on every side. But "above" and "below" have no meaning, because you're floating, weightless, in the vastness of outer space. You can't see your own hands and arms, because there's no light.

The only energy in your universe is the spark of life that's inside you. All around you is the black void of empty space. There is no other being to commune with except yourself, and the tiny voice of the Goddess within. For once, she can speak to you without interruption, without you being distracted by any outside noise, because all around you is nothing.

All your problems, including the irritating people who ruin your day, are so far away that they're nothing more than tiny dots, shrinking, shrinking in the distance, to the point of being invisible. And finally they cease to exist at all. You look for them, and can't find them anymore. Their effect on you has been reduced to zero.

There is no past, and there is no future. There is only one great NOW. There are no time deadlines, because there is no time.