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A Money Spell

Many Pagan websites don't give out spells.   They say things like, "If you've come here looking for spells, you're out of luck   —   don't email me asking for spells   —   a spell is a very personal thing   —   you should write your own spells   —   do what feels comfortable."

That's fine if you've been studying the Craft for five years, and have cast a few circles, and are "up" on your RavenWolf, Valiente, and Cunningham.   But what if you're a newbie, and you just need some help?

Sometimes I think the "I don't give out spells" attitude is nothing more than elitism and snobbery.

Mortar and pestle
This is a very simple spell that I use when I need money.   I've used it only four times, but it works every time.   There are no special words, and you don't have to cast a circle.   And I don't pay any attention to what phase of the moon we're in (my money needs don't always allow me to wait three weeks for the next full moon!).

The ingredients are:

One acorn
Bayberry bark
Comfrey leaf
Galangal root

I selected these ingredients after reading Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs (by Scott Cunningham).

The only equipment you'll need is (1) a mortar and pestle and (2) a small cheesecloth bag with a drawstring.

Put a "healthy pinch" of each herb into the mortar bowl (don't add the acorn yet).   Mash the herbs together, mixing them thoroughly.   Put the mixture into the cheesecloth bag, and add the acorn.   Tie the drawstring tightly; you're not going to open it again.

That's it.   Carry this little bag in your pocket.   At night, just put it on your dresser.   Money arrives in 24-48 hours.

This mixture is pretty aromatic; as you go about your daily business, you'll occasionally catch a whiff of the dill (it's by far the most fragrant of the four herbs).

The last time I did this spell, I had a tough time finding an acorn.   Apparently it was the wrong time of the year.