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When I first became interested in Wicca/Paganism, I found that there's a lot of of information out there.   I spent a lot of time reading (1) books and (2) Pagan websites.   Something inside me was drawing me toward Wicca, and I wanted to learn everything I could about it.

I noticed that when writers talked about Deity, they were ... well, vague.   That made me uncomfortable.   I think I was looking for a one-sentence definition of the Goddess.   Something specific.   "Goddess = 2.745711322," maybe.

And I wanted to do my spellwork correctly.   The books I was reading seemed to point in many different directions, and every writer had different "rules" about spells.

I figured that the oldest, earliest traditions of Wicca/Witchcraft were more likely to be "correct."   So I spent time trying to find those sources, trying to verify which of the claimed "ancient ways" were really ancient.   I knew not to believe everything I read.

The Goddess never wrote a Wiccan Bible.   Except to the extent that She has richly revealed herself in nature.   You might say that's her "bible."

And then, I figured it out.   I think.

Every practice of Paganism, every aspect of spellwork, every tenet of Wiccan thealogy, is something that somebody figured out.   Maybe it was Gerald Gardner 60 years ago.   Maybe is was Z. Budapest 40 years ago.   Maybe it was a small, hairy little woman in a cave 28,000 years ago, scratching the details into an image of the Venus of Willendorf.

It had to start somewhere.   Maybe my destiny is to discover/create a brand new tradition.   Maybe 500 years from now, people will consider my methods/practices to be "ancient."

Or maybe (on a less grandiose note), my job is to figure things out just for myself.   Me and the Goddess.   Nobody else.

I guess I'll content myself with discovering things slowly, and I'll learn at whatever pace the Goddess allows.   After all, I'm a limited/finite/earthbound mortal trying to get cozy with a god and a goddess.   Why would I think I can do it in only a few years?

    "The best thing witches could do would be to make a huge bonfire of all their carefully-copied old books of rituals and then drink the water of knowledge fresh from its source ... which is the light of the moon, the shape of the clouds, and the growing of green things."
      — Diana Demdike

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