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Prayers to the Goddess
        (and to the Lord)

O great Goddess
O great Lord
Be alive in me
Fill my heart
Give me wisdom
Give me strength to conquer myself
Give me knowledge
Rule over every thought that I have
Rule over every word that I speak
Rule over every action that I take
So mote it be.

O Isis, Goddess of Ten Thousand Names,
You who are first, who always has been, and always will be,
Who works through all circumstances,
Who shows me that I am connected to all things,
Cover me now with your outstretched wings,
Lean close to the earth, and hear this small voice
That calls to you in prayer:
From the darkest depths my heart cries out to you;
My soul is troubled, and chaos fills my life.
Put my feet on the path that they should follow.
Give me courage to go the way that I should go
When you have shown it to me.
May your heart and my heart
Be one.

O great Goddess
O great Lord
Help me to see
The beauty in each person I meet
Help me to see
The lesson contained in every setback
And when I stand toe to toe with evil
And stare unflinchingly into its face
I will call upon you for strength
Even as I find strength within myself.

A Prayer to Hecate:
When I doubt, show me my strength;
When I am wrong, show me the right path;
Light the crossroads before me, that I may see my way.
Queen of Transitions, Guardian of Doorways, Hecate, bless my journeys,
Through dark and dawn, day and dusk.
Help me to bring into balance the forces within myself   -
Light and dark, above and below.
As a coin cannot have only one side, I am not whole, one without the other.

Morning Prayer:
O great Goddess,
O great Lord,
As I come into contact with people today,
Let me not be irritating,
Or abrasive.
Let my words be sweet and gentle.
On the other hand,
When I deal with those who have great power over me,
Let me not suck up,
Sell out,
Nor flatter too much.
In all,
Let me not stray too far from honesty.
And at the end of the day,
When I turn off the lights to go to sleep,
May I still be able to live with myself.

Goddess and God
Mother and Father
Earth and sky
Help us always to see you
In ourselves
And in all things.

O great Goddess
May we always be aligned with you
So that your power may flow through us
And be expressed by our lives
For the good of the Earth
And all the living beings upon it.

We pray to the north, where the cold comes from;
We pray to the south, where the warmth comes from;
We pray to the east, where the sun rises;
We pray to the west, where the sun sets;
We pray to Mother Earth and Father Sun:
Let our hearts be in tune with your hearts.
Help us to feel the strands of your weavings.

Divine Inanna, Queen of Heaven, Celestial Mother, help us to follow your Path of Love.   We would walk in your footsteps and descend into the Depths to save others, as you did.

Those who dance
are considered to be insane
by those who cannot hear the music.

-- Angela Monet

It's magick.   Don't try to make it happen.   Let it happen.

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