8:   Strength

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The Strength tarot card
Universal Waite
The Strength tarot card
BOTA (Builders of the Adytum)

1.   Inner strength (strength of character; strength of convictions; self control).

2.   The taming of someone's "animal nature."

3.   Gentle control of others.

4.   Patience.

5.   Unconditional love; love that conquers hate.


Above her head is a lemniscate, the symbol of infinity. The lemniscate also shows up in the Magician and the Two of Pentacles.

The illustration in some early decks pictured Hercules.

In some early decks, Strength was key #11 and Justice was key #8.

By way of imagery: Notice that (in the Universal Waite illustration) she seems to be trying to keep the lion's mouth shut.   Perhaps the lion represents one's tendency to say the wrong things, and Strength gives one the ability to remain silent.

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