18:   The Moon

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The Moon tarot card
BOTA (Builders of the Adytum)
The Moon tarot card
The Moon tarot card
Universal Waite

Key word:   Undercurrents.

1.   Deception; hidden enemies; concealed motives; illusions; falsehood and hypocrisy. A smoke screen.

2.   "Strange times;" the unknown (think of the word "lunatic").

3.   Confusion; a "disinformation campaign."


There is a French expression: Entre chien et loup.   It means "between a dog and a wolf," and it's a reference to twilight - when it's hard to see things - half light. It's hard to tell if you're safe or if you're in danger.

The Moon casts strange shadows at night.   This card says, "Take care, for all is not as it seems. Move cautiously, and in secret."

This card can even stand for self-deception (for instance, if it shows up as card #7 in the Celtic Cross spread).

It has been said that the Moon and the Sun are opposites.   The Moon stands for confusion and mystery and deception; the Sun, which brightly illuminates, stands for clarity and truth.

The two pylons in the background show up again in the Death card.

There are seven cards in the Rider deck that show a large, dominant figure "presiding" over two smaller figures standing below it (forming a triangle of sorts):
The Hierophant
The Lovers
The Chariot
The Devil
The Moon
Two of Cups
Six of Pentacles

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