Five of Swords

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The Five of Swords tarot card from the Universal Waite deck

1.   A peacemaker.

2.   Mediation.

3.   The laying down of arms.

4.   The error of the "win/lose" mentality.


Some tarot writers say that this card stands for "conquest" or "defeat."

Silver Ravenwolf says that this is a negative card.

In the Thoth deck, this is "The Lord of Defeat."   Question: Who was defeated?   Nobody looks hurt or injured.

Another question:   There are only three people in the scene.   Why do we see five swords?

The scene here doesn't indicate that there was a fight.   Everybody is still standing, with no apparent injuries.   Nobody is wearing a bandage (as in the Nine of Wands).   Nobody ended up like the unfortunate character in the Ten of Swords.

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